No time for complacency, Minister told


Social Development Minister Nelson McCausland meets Community Design Team members Billy Dickson, Mark Simpson and Ann Crowe, GVRT's Jim Potts and Tommy Wilson of the Housing Focus Committee on his latest visit to the Village.


Nelson McCausland, the Minister for Social Development, returned to the Village today.

The Minister’s visit marks the commencement – at last – of work on the first phase of new social housing to be constructed as part of the regeneration of the area.

Representatives of the Community Design Team, Greater Village Regeneration Trust, Village Housing Focus Group, Housing Executive and Fold Housing Association discussed progress to date and the work to come.

The Minister was left in no doubt of members’ desire to see a high priority for social housing in the later phases of redevelopment, a holistic approach to the modernisation of retained houses and public realm in the improvement area and measures to address unfitness outside the current urban renewal area.

Mr McCausland once again proved himself to be a good listener and we all look forward to his response to the various issues raised.


About msimpsongpni

Mark Simpson is Environment spokesperson for the Green Party in Northern Ireland and Green Party coordinator in the Balmoral electoral area, Belfast.
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